Avoid bringing bed bugs into your home by following these easy steps

1. Inspect where you sleep. When sleeping in a new bed rather it be at a hotel or a family/friend’s house, specially if you have babies with you, it doesn’t matter if he is inside a Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller, bugs can [...]

January 11, 2017|

Kissing bug found in West Virginia, Ohio

Potentially deadly bug over hyped? I am sure if you have watched the local news you know about the hype of the kissing found in West Virginia and Ohio. Now we all know the media wants to get ratings, so they do sensationalize the [...]

December 1, 2015|

Termites are in full swing in Huntington

Well it’s that time of year again and with spring brings out the birds, the bee’s and the TERMITES!!!! My calls have increased 10 fold over the last couple weeks with termites swarming from Barboursville, to Portsmouth OH. So I thought it would [...]

May 24, 2014|
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