Ultra Pest Control is trained to handle all your termite control needs!

Termites are stealthy and effective eating machines. They never announce their arrival. They just get to work, eating away at the wood structure of your home. Once inside, they hide within carefully crafted tunnel systems. To the untrained eye, nothing is out of place.

This ability to go unseen leads to excessive structural damage over time. They make a buffet of your home, eating away at your home while going unnoticed.

Occasionally termites will become visible. Sometimes they tunnel too far and leave a pinhole sized opening through walls. Other times they become lazy. To shorten the journey to the colony they create free standing mud tunnels back to the soil. These errors are not easy to spot and require a well-trained eye.

These are the small clues that your Ultra Pest Control technician kind find during an annual termite inspection. Knowing where to look allows exposure for termite infestation early and before major damage occurs.

What do I do if I have termites?

That’s where our treatment strategy begins. Using advanced methods, like our Ultra Pest Control Wood Treatment System, Ultra Pest Control eliminates the termite colony using two powerful methods.

The Ultra Pest Control Wood Treatment coats the wood so termites can’t eat it, and the Ultra Pest Control Ground Treatment kills termites at their source. There is no better solution for your home than our two-step method. You can only get this powerful two-step termite elimination system from Ultra Pest Control.

Free termite inspection

It’s difficult to remember to have your home inspected for termite activity each year. And paying hard earned money for an inspection doesn’t help most people’s memory. We hope to make the termite inspection process less daunting by offering one free inspection per year. We know that a free termite inspection is only good if it’s truly free; free of cost, free of high pressure sales tactics, and free of annoying follow up phone calls. It’s not uncommon for our inspector to go to a home multiple years in a row, at no cost, without finding a problem and not proposing any termite control. We know that sounds like a strange way to do business but when a problem does occur, we feel like we are in the best position to earn your business. And we can be proud of how we earned your business.

Do we know what we are doing?

The team at Ultra Pest Control has performed thousands of termite inspections and treatments in the Tri-State area. We have different methods for every situation. Your inspector will be able to make recommendations on all types of termite control including traditional liquid barrier treatments, termite baiting systems, and wood treatments.

Our technicians are trained  to protect your home and family from the damaging effects of termites, as well as the proper application methods reducing exposure to your family and the environment. By providing drug screening, and background checks Ultra Pest Control can ensure that your home and family are safe. Through our training program your technician will learn how to not only properly treat your home or business, but to provide the highest in customer care and satisfaction.