Should I throw away my mattress?

This is a question I get asked on a regular basis, and there are many ways of answering the question of “should I throw away my furniture because of bed bugs”. The short answer is not yet, and here is why. Ultra Pest Control provides free inspections for bed bugs in Huntington, WV. So that being said it would benefit you to have us inspect your home and furniture, this may save you money on having to buy new furniture.

Is there a chance that I will have to throw away my mattress?

Yes, there is a small chance, and the only way we recommend throwing away any furniture is if the infestation is so bad that it has just ruined the furniture beyond normal cleaning. In very few cases of bed bugs do we tell our customers to dispose of their mattress, couches or other pieces of furniture.

Will throwing away my bed get rid of my bed bugs?

No, bed bugs hide in more places than just your mattress, box spring, couch, or bed frame. Bed bugs like tight protective places, and these could include baseboards, window sills, chair rail molding, crown molding. They will even hide behind, and in electrical outlets, and switches. During our bed bug treatment process we have found bed bugs in closets, dressers, side tables, even found them living in a customer’s belt buckle.

Throwing away your furniture because of bed bugs is not the first step you should take on getting rid of bed bugs. Not only will it cost you money with having to buy new furniture, but the spread of bed bugs in Huntington WV, and other surrounding cities has made it very risky when taking in used furniture. If your furniture must be disposed of, it should be destroyed, cut up, or broken so it could not be picked up and used in someone else’s home.

Save your furniture, and your money by having getting a free bed bug inspection.