Summer is inching closer and I am sure many like myself will be doing a bit of traveling this summer, with camping trips and beach vacations on the agenda. I thought it would be fitting to share with my readers a few ways they can greatly reduce the chances of bringing these little blood suckers home.

Pre-trip planning (where to stay, and preparation)

  • Call up the hotel you intend to stay in and ask if they use anti bed bug mattress covers
  • Check out this handy site to see if there is an issue before you book a room
  • Pack using a quality luggage liner.
  • Bring a long a small, but bright flash light, this will aid in searching for the critters.
  • Before returning home, place your dirty laundry in a bed bug proof laundry bag.

Once you have arrived at your location, it is now time to do some investigation work. Pull out the little flash light I mentioned earlier pull back the sheets and blankets and get to work. You are going to want to look for a few tale, tale signs. Fecal spots, these appear as small black ink spots on the item being inspected. Shed skins, these are small almost clear looking cast skin from when a bed bug has molted. Live bugs, this one is an obvious identifier. Eggs, these are small white/clear looking oval shaped capsules usually found in cracks of the wood or mattress areas. Another most often over looked area is the head board, and here is a bit of information you may not know. Most hotels/motels head boards are easily removed, with no tools needed. Simply lift it off the wall. That’s right they usually sit on a wood or metal strip on the wall. Not only is it easy to remove, but is the preferred hiding place for bed bugs in hotel rooms.

On your return home

  • Before leaving your hotel room inspect the outside of your luggage for any hitchhikers
  • If you find bugs on your suitcase leave it. The cost of buying a new suitcase is way cheaper than bed bug treatment.
  • Unpack your items outside your home. Bring everything clean or dirty directly inside to your washing machine. Launder in hot water, and dry on high heat setting.

That’s it, readers. You have just prevented yourself from becoming a victim of a bed bug infestation. It is a few simple steps they can and will save you major headaches as well as loads of cash. If you do fall victim give me a call. The inspection is free, as well as the consultation.