First off just breath. I, like everyone else, run to the internet when you have something going on that I’ve never dealt with before to find a possible solution. In most cases you have a 50/50 chance of what you read is indeed fact. When dealing with bed bugs freaking out is a more common reaction and I’m here to help, so just breath, it is not as dire as it seems and in most cases you can get rid of them easier than most internet post make it sound.

Second don’t go out and buy whatever bug spray you see that says bed bug killer on it, or kills bed bugs! I understand that not everyone can afford to pay a professional to handle their bed bug issue and that doing it your self may be the only option. I only ask that you do some research so you know what to do and where to apply whatever you buy and PLEASE follow the label directions. Although many pesticides you buy at your local hardware store are fairly low toxicity they are still pesticides (and yes, Diatomaceous Earth is still a pesticide and can be dangerous if you use it in a manner that is not consistent with the label.) they need to be applied correctly. All I ask is to stop and realize that buy and spraying a pesticide on a bug that you know nothing about is like trying to nail a leaf on your roof to fix a leaky shingle, it just doesn’t work.

Third even if you do not have the money to hire a professional to treat, I would still contact a knowledgeable pest control company. It doesn’t hurt to have someone who is knowledgeable to come out and inspect the home and quote the job. Even if you know you don’t have the money it you may get additional information on what you need to do to handle it yourself…..and you never know, maybe the quote they give will surprise you and you’ll be able to afford it.

Fourth there are many non-chemical options available that can help your bed bug situation. Bed bug mattress covers will lock bugs into the bed and can save your bedding. Bed bug covers will also keep all other bed bugs on the outside of the mattress which makes them easy to see and remove. They make devices and monitors will help you determine if you have a problem and will also catch some bugs that will help you get rid of a problem. Vacuuming will help you remove bed bugs and steaming can kill bugs on contact (just be careful to not scatter the bed bugs with the pressure of the steamer). The point is you can control, not eliminate most bed bug issues without using harsh chemicals.

Sixth if you have itchy spots or other issues associated with bed bugs, go see your doctor. Nobody should be giving you advice other than your doctor and whether it’s itchy welts, trouble sleeping or constant nightmares you should visit your doctor and ask their advice .

And lastly have trust that you can get rid of the bed bugs in a timely manner. It’s always best to involve a professional and that is your best way to get rid of the bed bugs quickly. Yes, it may take a little time to get every bug and between now and the day all are gone there may be some rough times. That being said you bed bugs can be eliminated, and if you caught them before the infestation has become sever elimination will happen sooner than you think.