Potentially deadly bug over hyped?

I am sure if you have watched the local news you know about the hype of the kissing found in West Virginia and Ohio. Now we all know the media wants to get ratings, so they do sensationalize the fact that these bugs are in WV and have the potential to kill, by passing a deadly parasite. Your chances of even encountering a kissing bug is slim, and your chances of getting Chagas is even smaller. If you are concerned with the recent kissing bugs in WV there are a few things you can do to even further reduce your chances of encountering these bugs, also you can use services as Emergency Pest Control to try to get rid of these in your house.

First I will explain a little about the Kissing Bug. Triatomines are a class of bugs that make up the dreaded Kissing bug, also known as cone nose bug. Kissing bugs get their name from the fact that they bite humans around their mouths. This is because they are attracted to our breath. Kissing bugs are blood suckers like mosquitos, and bed bugs. Many people have an allergic reaction to kissing bug bites. Reactions can range from simple skin reaction to all the way to anaphylactic shock.

Kissing bugs are also known to spread Chagas disease. This is caused by parasite that lives in the stomach of the kissing bug. The parasite is passed by defecation, or urination. The parasite is then possibly ingested by the bugs victim, or enters the body by scratching or rubbing the parasite into the skin.

Some methods to reduce the chances of encountering these potentially dangerous pests:

  • Remove unnecessary debris around the exterior of your home.
  • Caulk around windows, doors, foundation vents, screen attic vents.
  • Reduce or remove clutter in basements, and attics.
  • Professional eco-friendly exterior treatments to kill or repel pest before they enter.

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