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Ultra Pest Control Logan WV is a full service pest control company. We provide service for Termites, Ants, Spiders, Mice, Rats, Bed Bug treatments. All our pest control services are backed by if they return, we return guarantee.


Pest Control Logan WV



Pest enter our homes through many different ways, that’s why we provide a complete Pest Control Logan WV.


Doors and Windows

It may seem like the most obvious one, but your doors and windows should seal tightly. This includes your garage door. You may have to install new door sweeps. Either way, even the tiniest access points in sliding glass doors or window sills give pests and in. Ultra Pest Control Logan WV provides a full complete home inspection for pest, and their entry points, all at no charge.

Exhaust Fans & Dryer VentExterminator Logan WV

Double check these possible pest entry points to avoid insects, or rodents from getting in. Inspect them to ensure that dampers are not stuck or broken. If any vents and fans are broken, be sure to repair them, as this can effectively help keep pests out.

Siding & Wall Passages

Any hole or crack is a possible entry point for insect, and rodents. You should apply caulk or stainless steel to seal any large holes and visible gaps. Also inspect every cable, plumbing, and heating duct that passes through the walls of your home.

Exterior Walls & Foundation

These areas often become cracked or damaged over time. Cracks and holes should be filled and pull mulch away from your foundation to discourage intruders. To ensure that your home is termite free, call today to get a free termite inspection Logan WV

Things You Carry In The HouseGuaranteed Bed Bug Elimination

Even a simple task of just bringing the groceries into your home could cause a pest infestation. The days of paper grocery bags, are all but gone, but that doesn’t prevent an infestation of cockroaches from coming into your home and cause problems in the building of the house, so you may need to find a tradesman in your area to deal with this. These resilient pest can be carried in with a case of soda, or even a bag of potatoes.


Ultra Pest Control Logan WV provides free inspections for all pest, including bed bugs. If you think you have a pest problem call today to schedule your free inspection.