Ultra Pest Control Huntington WV

Your pest control professionals Huntington WV. Providing effective, safe, and affordable service to the Tri-State area.

Ultra Pest Control Huntington WV offers full service pest control to Huntington WV, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in:


What makes us different than the rest of the pest control companies in Huntington WV?

We focus on the customer, and the solution to your pest problems, not just spraying chemical everywhere and hoping that fixes the problem. At Ultra Pest Control Huntington WV use an approach that will help us determine why the insects are there, where they come from and the best solution using the least amount of chemical needed. This rids your home or business of the bugs in a fast effective manor that is safe for you, your family, your employees, and the environment.


Why do our customers love us?

This is a simple answer, we put our customers first! First above our time, first above our profit. Sure we are company and we need to make money to survive, but we can’t do that without our customers. We work hard to make sure that every person, company or organization that has our service is completely satisfied or you don’t pay us a dime. We offer full service pest control Huntington WV, and the surrounding Tri-State area.


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Ultra pest control provides service to the following areas, in WV, OH

  • Huntington, WV
  • Charleston, WV
  • Point Pleasant, WV
  • New Haven, WV
  • Mason, WV
  • Logan, WV
  • Williamson, WV
  • Fort Gay, WV
  • Wayne, WV
  • Hamlin, WV
  • Gallipolis, OH
  • Portsmouth, OH
  • Ironton, OH
  • Chesapeake, OH