5 Reasons to hire a professional exterminator

5 Reasons to hire a professional exterminator

1. Low impact pesticide use:

A pest control professional will use the least toxic material possible to control your insect problems. Not only will it be the least toxic, but the treatment is specific to the pest problem that you are having. This reduces the amount of chemical that is used around your home or business. Over the counter products used by individuals are often applied improperly, and in amounts that can be hazardous to the person applying the chemical, their family, and the environment.

2. Protecting your health:

Less reaction to pest bites, rodent droppings, asthma attacks, and other breathing issues caused by insect droppings and shed skins. Roaches are a major cause of breathing issues in children, and the elderly. As well as the risk of poisoning from the improper use over the counter pesticides.  

3. Protecting your home and business: 

This can include damage from termites that cause millions of dollars in property damage every year, to the damage of food and stored items from rodents, roaches, ants, and even bed bugs. Property owners have to protect their investment, and a professional exterminator will help to protect those properties.

4. Proven results:  

More consistent treatments from pest control professional saves you time in finding the correct product for your pest problem. Exterminators save you time from having to apply the product on a regular basis to keep your pest under control. Hiring a professional pest control company control your pest problems faster and more successful than trying to do it yourself, by hiring the Houston raccoon removal you can control the damages animals like these are doing to your property.

5. Save Money:  

Believe it or not hiring a professional exterminator can save you money. Yes you read that correctly. If you break it down based on the time and gas driving to the big box store to find a product, paying the high cost of that product, then repeating the process when the first treatment does not work. When all is said and done you pay more to treat your pest problem on your own than hiring a professional. One example is bed bug treatments. Many of my customers try to treat their bed bug problems on their own. Only after spending hundreds of dollars on chemical then hundreds more replacing their furniture, they give in and call a professional.

About the author: Greg Stephens is the owner of Ultra Pest Control located in Huntington WV. Greg has been in the pest control industry for more than 17 years.

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