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Wildlife is something to be admired, to be protected, and enjoyed by everyone. That is until that wildlife takes up residence inside your home. When that happens it is time to take action, and hire a professional wildlife removal company. When your home is being occupied by any wildlife such as Raccoon’s, Squirrels, Opossums, even Skunks. You do not want to just hire a trapper, you want a professional that can not only evict the animal from your home, but also repair any entry points to prevent future wildlife tenants.



Wild animals that take up residence inside your home or business can cause thousands of dollars in damages to insulation, duct-work, even wiring. These losses can be avoided by hiring gilbert pest control services and letting them take care of the situation quickly. Through the wildlife removal program, we use a systematic process to removed the animal from the property, remove health hazards created by the animal, and repair any damages that was created by their stay.


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Ultra Pest Control is the Huntington area’s only licensed wildlife control company. Providing wildlife removal service to Huntington WV, and the surrounding area. Ultra Pest Control offers inspection services for Raccoon’s, Skunks, Opossums, Squirrels, Scorpions, Groundhogs, Snakes.

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