A weekend Honey-Do turned into a startling surprise



roof leak conducive to antsDoing a little weekend fixing up around the house, there was one area of greater interest to me than the other issues around the house. The ceiling of my show had started to mildew and the paint started to droop.

 So I knew I had a leak, but I was not sure where it was coming from so I decided to open up the ceiling since it has to be repaired anyway. That’s when the fun began, not only did I find moisture damage, but a lot of ant frass. This means that the ants at some point were living in that part of my ceiling. Good news is I had treated the house regularly since moving in this past April. Providing pest control in Huntington WV is our mission.


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Doing this weekend honey-do has reinforced the importance of my profession, and what I do. If I had moved into the home and did not perform regular pest control treatment’s the scenario could have been much worse with much more structural damage.

 There are many hidden dangers lurking in our walls, and as well as we think we know our homes there are issues we just can’t see.




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